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Welcome to GDR Cummins Engine Parts Service

Excellent performance

Advanced PT fuel system with ultra-high injection pressure ensures good engine atomization and full combustion.

Efficient Cummins exhaust gas turbocharger can ensure that the intake air is more full, improve engine efficiency, pressure pulse exhaust pipe, make full use of waste energy, further improve combustion, improve engine low load efficiency, reduce engine specific fuel consumption.

Large torque, strong power, fast transient response, high torque reserve.

Good durability

Cylinder block and cylinder head adopt high-strength integrated design, reduce the failure rate, durable, excellent reputation.

High reliability

Cummins advanced PT fuel system with unique overspeed protection, low pressure fuel supply, few lines and low failure rate. Excellent overall design with excellent reliability.

Easy maintenance

Overall modular design, block integration, compact structure, parts can be split, high reuse, the same platform design, high versatility of parts.

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